What's your age ?

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18th birthday in 3 days tho.
And started learning python today :D
26.9 years old. Seriously my birthday is in two weeks.

My birthday is april the 20th. Do I get a cookie?
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Happy Prebirthday to Megziflips then.
My birthday's on the 25th of October.
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/me hands computerquip a beer and red bull.
Can I get one too? Just flip the digits around...
Lumpkin, beware the endianness!
I see what you did there ;)
11 :D
Well, I hate to admit it, but 14,385. Makes it hard to get a job interview.
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Duoas, are you French?

An Éireannach-Americanach me.
I take french in school, and I don't know what 'Éireannach-Americanach' means.
¿Intendiste googlearlo?

[edit]Yoinks! Fixed typo.
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You're just typing nonsense now. ;P
No, you are being lazy.
I am. I don't want to translate.

EDIT: I'm getting nonsense with it.
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What do you mean? Google does a very good job of translating stuff, at least enough to identify a language.
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