What's your age ?

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I get Irish. It says the same thing.
Google translates fine, it just doesn't necessarily translate the sentence into the proper sentence structure.

An Éireannach-Americanach me.

Translates to I'm an Irish-American.

Translate Google Com wrote:
The Irish-Americanach me.
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> ¿Intendiste googlearlo?
¿have you? (assuming that you intended to write `intentaste')
Cada vez intento hacer algo sencillo, me confundo a mi.


Y, es lo que escribí al principio. No sé que me hizo cambiarlo. Foo.
Duoas wrote:
Every time I try to do something simple, I get confused to me.
And, is what I wrote at the beginning. I know I did not change it. Foo.
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I pity the foo.
Duoas wrote:
¿Intendiste googlearlo?

Do you plan on googling that?

Latin-based languages are easy for some people, I didn't need to study spanish for that.
My friends say I should act my age. What's my age, again? What's my age again.
- Legend...
17, in College doing awesome science-y maths-y sh*t.
> No sé que me hizo cambiarlo
>> I know I did not change it
I don't know what made me change it
I don't know why I change it

It should be `qué'
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Hey, andywestken and Disch haven't posted their age ....
29....my greatgrondmother was from nepaldoes that make me anglo-asian? because I always doubted this irish american thing, its not like people call themselves english americans, and african americans arent african anymore either.

Shouldnt native americans then just be called americans, I think the less Identity you place before american the less divide there will be in america.

In britian asians get asked are you british? and then they say either yes or no or dual nationality they dont go "im Anglo-persian" that shits irrelivant to the question.

My point is they are British or they are not British, your identity isnt your skin color or your great great grandads dogs vets girlfriends nationality.
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Who's an Irish here?

You'll never beat the Irish :D
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Erin go braugh!
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Disch haven't posted their age ....

im pretty sure hes been alive since 400 bc.
<stereotype>Have you ever drank alcohol Capn'?</stereotype>

I hate when people say there is no such thing as an American. (devonrevenge).

By that logic everyone is from Africa.
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By that logic everyone is from Africa.

well if you subscribe to that. but yeah i agree with you fred. there are things that make you american, english, french, atlantian, irish, italian, etc
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Lumpkin wrote:
I hate when people say there is no such thing as an American. (devonrevenge).

I think you got what he was saying backwards. He was actually advocating people call them selves American and not stuff like African-American, or Irish-American, ect.
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Ohhh, yea, I must've read that wrong.
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