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Duoas wrote:
if you were really a fan of Tara Strong's accomplishments instead of her boobs you'd know that she has done a lot of the "whatnot" you are carelessly knocking.

Can't we be fans of Tara Strong's accomplishments and her boobs? Although, tbh, the only work she's done that I'm aware of that I still like is the voice of Harley Quinn in Batman Arkham City, and even then, Arleen Sorkin arguably voiced the role better in Arkham Asylum.
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She was bubbles in power puff girls, Riku in FFX and X-2, timmy turner, Dill Pickles in rugrats, The main character in shoalin showdown, the main character in Lollipop Chainsaw, Betty Boop clone in drawn together, the original hello kitty, Harley Quinn in the 90s batman cartoon ( I think ), just to name a few.

edit: and I'm not even a boob man :P

edit edit: Oh and raven in Teen Titans. Can't forget that.

edit edit: no it was batgirl in that old cartoon. She reprises the role in Beware the Batman
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and her boobs

there not that good.

and I'm not even a boob man :P

I know, but while I did love Rugrats and thought Power Puff Girls was decent, I don't really enjoy those shows any more. And I don't like Drawn Together either; I don't find most of its jokes funny.

As for Final Fantasy, I generally hate JRPGs so that's a no-go. The only Japanese RPG I've played that I enjoyed was Dark Souls and that's far more like a western RPG. Although technically it's neither because it's not actually an RPG, it's an action-adventure game with RPG elements. But I really ought to stop talking about Dark Souls or I won't be able to stop. After 50 hours of gameplay I'm still only halfway through the main storyline and after that there's still a load of optional things to do.
I have to apologize.

I haven't read everything to this point yet, but my commentary was a little, well, wrong. (I was in a really bad mood.)

Thank you Cheraphy for being so even-handled about it.

I still think that Tinkerbell and Barbie are good programs, as good as MLP, but then, I'm going to watch me some Star Trek stuff later...
> We're talking about an animated cartoon, not great works of art and literature.
Sorry for going on a tangent here.
I'm not trying to elevate them or anything, but I suppose that there are certain works that you'll say deserve to be transmitted. I'm interested on your opinion

In cases like Future Boy Conan (based on `The Incredible Tide') or Little Women (Nippon 1987) (just the first volume of the book) or The Bear that wasn't, the credit is in great part because of the book. However, the way there are presented, the advantages of the format (like music), the modifications of the adaptation and the original content, make them stand on their own.

There was a chapter of Peanuts in which Charlie Brown explains how the railroad was build by using Chinese labour. I was very young and It caused me quite an impact, basically for my ignorance. Also, because it was Snoopy and nobody give a damn if one or two Chinese blow up making a tunnel.
Should rewatch that.

Another one is Cat Concerto, keep picturing Tom playing the piano when listening to Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
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edit: And it's cool Duas, I'm sure we've all been there.

A load of anime movies are great works of art. I'm not talking shonen crap you get in america. I'm talking Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's moving Castle. Summer wars wasn't miyazaki, and I wouldn't call it a real work of art, maybe, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if there was a bit of a forced romance. Voice actor of Dean Venture plays the lead. Good soundtrack

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Chrisname wrote:
<SIP>I don't really enjoy those shows any more.

Yea, I'm probably going to be a big kid inside well into old age. While I can safely say my dad is definitely a grown man and not irresponsible or anything of the sort, deep down he's still a kid. Don't grow up, grow old and accept the responsibility that brings. Turns out those aren't mutually exclusive things :P

EDIT THE THIRD: Fred I'm still waiting for a PM with a link to your facebook if you missed that post :P
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I watch a lot of old shows I grew up with:
Transformers Gen 1

Even shows I watched in my teens:
Power Rangers (thank god for Netflix, can watch almost the entire PR collection minus Turbo movie).
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball GT

The list goes on forever as it also includes the shows that were listed above. As for voice actors, I'll always be partial to David Hayter due to me being a HUGE Metal Gear fan (not overly happy about them switching out for the newer MGS games, but I understand they have to change it up at some point).
Steve Blum is my favorite anime voice actor.

As for male actors for north american cartoons, Joe DiMaggio, Charlie Adler or Mark Hamill. Latter two over the first.
I agree. I have to admit, due to Star Wars, I would have never even pictured Mark Hamill as being the perfect voice for Joker.
Tim Curry would have been pretty cool too (and too scary according to producers)
Oh absolutely, after Stephen King's IT and him portraying Pennywise. He would have made Joker more psychotic. That may work for a Batman reboot though.
He was considered for the cartoon. Apparently that was the exact issue they had. I would have loved it xD
This reminds me of an agony aunt column thing in apaper I read once, A soldier returned from afghanistan to find the world strange and different and then caught his son masturbating to pony porn and not know how to talk to his son, I think he went on to say how he was trying to understand internet culture...and my little ponies of course, I think he found out that his son was masturbating to apple jack XD
EDIT THE THIRD: Fred I'm still waiting for a PM with a link to your facebook if you missed that post :P
After our home game I'll do it.

I didn't get a PM though...
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