Android programing, Its like Java just inside out, has anyone come to terms with it? please explain how.

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Its good but bucky doesnt go into some depths, bucky got a lot of us started but his way is not THE way.
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Anything of buckys I automatically associate with bad programming/teaching. In my opinion he teaches programmers bad habits and is creating a whole new generation of programmers that tend to be believe they are good programmers but really haven't even touched the surface of the language.

Though I will give it to him that the tutorials are easy to understand it is just that he does a lot of things you should not do and puts a lot of false information out there. Though in his defense it hard if not near impossible to effectively teach good programming and the ins and outs of a language in youtube video tutorials that are usually 5-10 minutes long per subject.
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how i see it is that its the teachers job to get them to be able to write the code, and then its the job of the people on the forum to teach how to write code well.
what DTS said is what I did, I owe bucky.
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