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Hi, I am a new to this site. I thought it was cool that this site has a lounge too. On the forums I have been on before there are typically some regulars. Who are the regular users in the lounge?
Pick out several random threads from the first page and see which names keep appearing. There's your answer. You could even write a program to work it out for you!
you could :D you should too, you could call it "clique hunter"
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Thank you for the advice. I have noticed a few.
Hello. Nice to have you! We are new together :-)
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Nice to have you too. I also heard you are a girl. I am a girl too in case you did not hear.
i find it odd, a week and a half ago I asked if there were any ladies on here, and lo and behold it seems on the same day 2 girls joined and have no qualms about advertising it, just a little odd
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It is a little odd how that timed out.
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It is a little funny, but I also think it is kinda cool.
Odd? Nope! Girls rock! lol. It's pretty awesome because women are underrepresented in this field so I find it very encouraging to be amongst women who share the same interest as myself.
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I agree it is nice to know there are other female programers out there.
Well I was not saying it is odd that you are girls, that is no problem at all. I was just saying that a week and half after I never saw one girl on here two join and blatantly state that they are girls. Don't know about you but to me that's just a little odd.
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I am the same way twiggystardust is.
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I understand it is interesting that two girls joined on the same day, but I think it's great!
Not judging or name calling or anything negative. But I just want to point out a few things:

1) It is possible for a single person to have multiple accounts (*cough* Catfish *cough*)
2) It is possible for someone to read these forums without being members, thus they could have seen the thread about girls and joined.

Also, on a different note, welcome to our wonderful forum :)
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