Preloaded Langauges in Windows


A quick question, can anyone name all the languages which are preloaded in windows, like Batch - VBScript (VBS) but are there more. Thanks!

Also tell me what would you want to see preloaded into Windows in future if they make any
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What do you mean "preloaded"?
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All I know about is Batch and VBS, like you said.
I'm guessing it means what languages are ready to be used for programming in a fresh windows install. For example, there is the C runtime lib but no compiler, so that doesn't count.
yes it does not count, anyothers anyone know of. hmm...also powershell if it comes preloaded.
The Windows Script Host supports JScript, as well as VBScript, by default.


JScript is Microsoft's dialect of the ECMAScript standard that is
used in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Windows Script Host
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I prefer choosing what I want to install. Visual Studio is not really lightweigth and a Windows system is already big as it is now.
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