IOS 7 released

Who else was waiting for ios 7.

I was just updating my iphone and than ipad cause I wanna see in case I lose my stuff as my ipad has alot of data and some of my dads.. It's pretty cool
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I have been waiting for it for a while. I downloaded it today, but right now I can't install it :(. It says to try again later, so I have kept trying, but no luck yet.
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I couldn't live without SwiftKey for a keyboard on my phone so until the IPhone opens for applications like SwiftKey on its devices I will just stick to my Android phones.
I managed to get it installed a few hours ago after the download failed about 15 times, I assume because everyone in the world is trying to download it at the same time. But yeah, it's alright. It's different, but not drastically different. I want to figure out how to change the color scheme to something a bit more appealing, but other than that it's smooth. It's still iOS, so yeah.
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I'm at 21 tries and still haven't gotten it.

EDIT: I finally got it!! :D I like it more than iOS 6. iOS really needed this update.

EDIT 2: It said that the new Siri wouldn't be available for the 3rd gen ipad, but I have it...
BTW, I am posting this edit from my ipad with ios 7
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Restore same thing happened but it was becuz all the servers were under load.. So if u get lucky u might install it but for now we just have to wait until the servers have less load

Nice u got Siri I got the 4th gen ipad so I should get and have u seen ipad 5?
Zereo wrote:
I couldn't live without SwiftKey for a leopard on my phone

I'd like to point out that I copied that directly on my screen and on my screen keyboard has been replaced with leopard.

It took me a full 30 seconds to remember I installed this weeks ago

Also, no i'm not waiting for iOS 7. Too busy enjoying all my custom roms and open app ecosystems over here in android land :P
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@Captain. I have seen "leaked" pictures of it.
So did u have your stuff or did u lose all your docs
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I still have all my stuff and icons in the same places.
COol just updated my iphone and i had my stuff im gonna do it to my ipad
Oh hey iOS is now doing what everyone else has been doing since at least 2011...
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@ResidentBiscuit Yep.
Yea.. I used to have my iphone jailbroken just for the so settings and other tweaks
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