Game programming

My interest in making games keeps growing day by day
Question is, what is the best basic game programming software?

I have even made an interactive arcade using Turbo c++ (took 2 months), but i don't find this language good for games.
(If u need the .exe file for testing it and letting me know about how it is, pm me)

How does Unity 4.2.1 sound for a starter?
If you want to start with making games and move onto written programming languages later (as I did) there are plenty of tools out there. The one I happened to start with was Multimedia Fusion 2, which involves no written programming and instead uses an alternate form of programming. There are also spin-off tools and then there are entirely different tools. You mentioned Unity, which I have not used but have heard good things about.

Just research 'game creation software' and explore all the available options. Out of patriotism I'm obliged to recommend MMF2 ;)

Also note it depends on what kinds of games you want to make. For example, not all game creation software supports 3D very well.

I recommend trying as many different kinds of software as you can find - just like learning lots of programming languages, learning lots of software will be useful too. While the professional 'real' things are normally written in code, prototyping is often done in game creation tools because you can rapidly develop a working prototype in minutes.
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