quick xml question

Was whipping up a tool to generate a skyrim console script for custom character starts. I'm keeping the ID for various attributes / items in xml files, and the first one keeps breaking. I'm a complete novice with xml. Everytime I try to parse the first file it tells me I'm missing a closing tag, but cites the last line. I can't find a missing tag anywhere. Running it through any online validator does the same thing for me.
So I figured I'd get some fresh eyes on it. Honestly I can't see where something went wrong, but if someone here could help? It's a bit large though. That could be my problem finding the error. Anyways, here's code:

It was too big to post here.

also I don't like other forums. I like you guys. I decided to post this here.

edit: FFFF immediately after posting this I saw the problem line. Thanks anyways I guess!
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