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Hey guys.Does anyone know a software that can translate c++, c or java into assembly. I am given a task to write Booth’s Algorithm in assembly.

 • A complete assembly language project can score you a maximum of 100%.
• A complete high level language implementation can score you a mark not 
exceeding 65%.

so I really need the 100%.

Ow.I will be using TASM *64

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Why not just do it in assembly? You'd have a much better time of it than trying to detangle some compiler output, and you'd be much less likely to get a bad grade when you turn in your code. (Professors typically have a very well-developed ability to recognize the difference between compiler-generated code and stuff students can do.)

The problem isn't hard. You only need to bitmask with a 1, some shifts, and an add, with a total of maybe four registers being used.

Have fun!
While I don't have much experience to say, I'd listen to Duoas. I can't say I code in Assembler but I have seen compiler output and hand written Assembler code and they certainly can be told apart! Even it's a simple program such as Hello World.
Thanks for the heads up guys.Guess I'll just have to put my Assembly skills into play, even though I thought I will never code in assembler
I agree that the instructor will certainly know that you did not write it in assembly. A 65% is better than a 0 and possible expulsion for cheating.

Does anyone know a software that can translate c++, c or java into assembly

gcc, vc/c++, clang, etc.
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It would be much more rewarding to just use a program like FASM and write directly in appropriate assembly.

On MingW you can use the -s command to output assembly(same with GCC).

Also, Java translates to bytecode and is emulated by a program that stands between the OS, called the Java Virtual Machine; there's no "Java assembly" in that sense.
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