What is your favorite IDE

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CodeBlocks as well. Then again, I haven't used any other so I guess i'm rather biased.
Mac OS - Xcode

Microsoft- MSVS 2012

Linux - Code::Blocks

Java -- Eclipse

GUI - QtCreator

I generally use different IDE depending on what I'm doing.
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text editor + gcc
For Java and C++ i use eclipse..

Code blocks does look great, but i did shy away from it.
I know Bucky enjoyed it for his youtube vids hehe..
@thebeto 1of - that is a great idea, mmm....
Can't say I have one as I use several IDEs depending on my mood. The only IDEs and tools I've not used are Mac tools.
I use Visual Studio a lot, as it's the one I always encounter in work environments. There are some tasks where you do really need to use it, for example COM development, but I guess I'm so acclimatised to Visual Studio that I don't see its short falls.

But when I'm working on a project I want to build on Linux as well as Windows, I now use CodeLite. I did start off with Code::Blocks, but I find the way it manages workspace and projects a bit odd for some reason, whereas CodeLite works for me.

The only issue I did have with Codelite was that it didn't have a GUI for displaying the disassembly output. But this shortfall was rectified in the recent release (version 5.2)

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I'm also a fan of Visual Studio and tend to be using more and more often lately. Lately I have been doing a lot of C# and C++ coding so it works well for me.

I also like a lot of VS's debugging features (Though other IDE's probably have them also) like the auto window, changing values on the fly, hovering to see the value, setting the next statement to run, annotated disassembly, and one of my favorites is the Code Map which is a Visual Call Stack ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/dn194476.aspx )

Another thing for me that makes VS2012 my favorite IDE is the Visual Assist extension. If you have the $99 dollars ($49 for students) to spend and you use VS I would highly recommend checking out the free trial. Though one downside is it only works with paid versions.
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I enjoy Code:: Blocks
code::blocks too though I wound up using eclipse
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