Can someone here please he₧ me?

I was sent this html file through an email, but I tried to launch it on Chrome and it just shows squiggly symbols, althought in the file viewed in a text parser it shows a bunch of weird weirds, statements, etc. Like a programming language, and I got a script warning, and anti-virus popper up, but from the text file there's no danger from viewing its content(what can an html file do to your whole OS/computer anyways)?

But that's why I ask if anyone here can try out another browser, or in their browser to see if this is just me freaking out over a silly text file or not.

Here's the download of the tiny text file:
(^It came with that name btw, and I'm just curious if it's some programming language I don't know, some strange language, or something malignant^)

PS: File is just 324 bytes, and it's an html/text file. I want to know if anyone else knows what it is by trying locally on your machine.
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