another one guys... please?

create a program that will allow user to input a floor number and the program will display the department on the entered floor:

input department will be displayed

1 Sales
2 Marketing
3 Operations
4 Management
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Please move this to the "Beginners" forum

If this is homework, we are not allowed to do your homework for you. If you run into a problem, then, you can asked for help with it. You need to show effort.
ok thank you !! :)
we are not allowed to do your homework for you

Well... we could, but no one will.

And anyone who does will likely get a lot of flack for it.

Good luck though. It looks like a pretty simple program requiring you to master the switch statement.
(scroll down to nearly the end)
Here's a trick, Duoas: look at the page source and if parts are name'd, you can directly link to them.
That's new, because I've been giving an occasional look for anchors in the tutorial for years.
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