Need feedback for a book?

There is a new book namely A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup. I've bought Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ for the same author. After checking the contents of the first mentioned book, I'm not sure what is the big difference between them. Is there anyone has read A Tour of C++?
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Think of a short sightseeing tour of a city, such as Copenhagen or New York. In just a few hours, you are given a quick peek at the major attractions, told a few background stories, and usually given some suggestions about what to see next. You do not know the city after such a tour. You do not understand all you have seen and heard. To really know a city, you have to live in it, often for years. However, with a bit of luck, you will have gained a bit of an overview, a notion of what might be special about the city, and ideas of what might be of interest to you. After the tour, the real exploration can begin. - Stroustrup

Early drafts have been available at
thank you so much. it is helpful
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