Reported posts

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Which ones and why were so many of my posts reported and/or deleted?

I have done nothing wrong on here. I know I was at 650 posts and now, suddenly 640? Well, now 641 since this post. What have I done wrong?
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Hey look, you're back at 651 as I'm posting this. Problem solved, no?
closed account (jwkNwA7f)
No, I have just posted that many times since I posted my OP.
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It is pointless asking that here, the only people that know are the person that reported you and the admin.
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I know. Since I first joined, I have never had a post reported. If it was just one post, then I really wouldn't pay attention to it at all, but since I know I never posted anything on here that I shouldn't, and then I have 10 less posts...
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