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what would be the outcome of actual lightsabers being available in shops, lets say they are $500.

Cos scientists have bound together light to create a new state of matter!


So its not like the real thing...yet.
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Result in death of many because of Star War fanboys would kill anyone who says it isn't good.
Maybe they should be strict light saber control laws to stop the wrong people from getting hold of them and killing people.
The actual article is http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nature12512.html

And no, it isn't at all about lightsabers or a new state of matter for that matter, it's about quantum medium so awkwardly excited that a single photon depletes it of the ability to interact with another photon (as long as it is closer than the Rydberg blockade radius), so the second one is stuck behind the first one.
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