making money on internet and power

the place where im living has free power and a 600 mbs internet connection. i was just thinking if there was a way that i could use it to earn money on it?
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Hi there,

Bitcoin mining might be something you would want to look into, however, it requires a decent rig, which is an initial investment.

Of course, you could also use it to contribute to research through distributed computing.

Some projects you might want to check out:

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well i dont really have a powerfull computer that i can use for that :/
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Powerful or not, in distributed computing, the more computers, the better!
what are those programs that buy and sell shares automatically called again? how is your programming skills knowledge of maths and understanding of the economy?

I actually have friends I could get together to pull this off myself hrmm
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A professional grade HFT system ( ) takes teams of highly experienced programmers to accomplish and isn't something that a single programmer could accomplish (At least not on the professional scale) on his own. Though you can build a smaller scale one on your own it seems and it does seem like a fun project to try if you are interested in the field.

Here is a SO post on what you will need

Or you can always try and ask Cubbi some questions since I believe he is in that field.

If you could develop a top of the line one on your own you would be pretty darn rich.
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Don't forget that FINRA requires that you pony up 25k cash (well, equity) just to enter day trades. But yes, risking your own money is a great motivating factor to learn basics of trading, if that's what you want to do.
I thought I could just buy a handful of shares (say like £200) and whack in an algorythm to buy them when they seem to be growing comfortably and then buy something else that seems like it will grow, not so easy huh? might let it wait a few more years.
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whack in an algorythm

Oh, it's simple...we just "whack in" an algorithm...why didn't I think of that!
(also, we kill the Batman)
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well its easy enough to do by yourself
thanks for the advice, just to let you know i got together with one of my rich kid friends and starts up a bitcoin miner.
All this stuff makes me want to be a buisnessman.

Cubbi, what company do you work for?
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