Final Fantasy VII or VIII?

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Can't say a game or movie for that matter ever effected me. Well ET made me cry when he allegedly died, but I was like 6 or 7 and thought the movie was real. Otherwise, I didn't get into FF until FF7 and then when Aerith died I just said, "Well that sucked, I didn't even have her leveled or ultimate weapon." Though, I did love the means of transportation in FF8 and kind of miss the ability to freely travel 'open' FF worlds like 7 and 8 :(.
I loved ff8, I still got the disks in good condition, I like to play it every now and again, go back to that little world :)
I've been playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on my PSP lately. Aiming to get 100% on it.
didnt they make a ffVII film? do I have to play ff7 first?? I wonder if they could put ff7 on an i phone yet? then I wud play it.
Well they have several FFVII spin-offs. FFVII just gives you the story of Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and the rest of the guys and how they met. Basically the storyline (story wise goes like this, from what I remember)

MOBILE GAME: Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII -- Story of the Turks 6 years before FFVII
PSP GAME: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII -- Story of Zack who is dead in FFVII, as well as Sephiroth's Betrayal to become the enemy of FFVII
PSONE GAME: Final Fantasy VII -- Story of Cloud and his friends defeating the Weapons and Sephiroth
MOVIE: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children -- Story after FFVII where Sephiroth is somehow brought back
PS2 GAME: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII -- Story of Vincent Valentine set 3 years after FFVII and 1 year after FFVIIAC
MOBILE GAME: Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: FFVII

Collectively they are called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as it tells different aspects of the story.
Then of course the first FF movie was Final Fantasy Spirits Within.
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FF1 = FF1
FF2 = not released in the US
FF3 = not released in the US
FF4 = "FF2" in the US*
FF5 = not released in the US
FF6 = "FF3" in the US

FF2 was released in the US as a PSX dual pack with FF1 called origins
FF3 was released in the US as a gameboy advance along with something else...can't remember
FF5 was released in the US as a PSX dual pack with FF6 called anthology

and even though it was released in the US FF4 came on PSX as a dual pack with Chrono Trigger, can't remember what that was called

(I may be wrong on some of the pack names, or which ones came with which)

I was as into final fantasy as much as you, maybe more, a friend of mine and I actually went as far as adapting the table top rpg Vampires into a Final Fantasy table top rpg combining from FF1 up to FF12.
Disch is referring to the original games. The PSX releases were remastered versions. The packs are FF Origins (FF1 and 2),FF Chronicles (FFIV and Chrono Trigger), FF Anthologies (FF 5 and 6). 3 didn't get released until the DS I believe.
+1 @ BHXSpecter

Remakes don't count. ;P
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