If you could learn one thing from your ancestors?

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Dr Alan Grant wrote:
Well maybe dinosaurs have more in common with present-day birds than reptiles. Look at the pubic bone - - it's turned backwards, just like a bird. The vertebrae - full of hollows and air sacs, just like a bird. Even the word raptor means "bird of prey".

devon is a bird.

EDIT: As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "public" bone. Stupid internet. Stupid copy-paste.
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I started laughing at devon's reply because I instantly started thinking of Super Mario Bros movie with Dennis Hopper as Bowser. That movie failed miserably, but still an enjoyable movie.

[EDIT] Just went back to page one and saw Catfish666's Goomba pic from the movie.

The only thing that was funny in that movie was how they made the Super Nintendo's Super Scope weapon a weapon in the movie.
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hey there was a big meteorite in the time of dinosaurs right? killed almost all of them, some survived.

well the ones that survived evolved and BOOM hamsters, gorrilaz, zebras, Pokemon :)
Super Mario Bros.

Video game turned to movie gone retarded.
seriously guys, keep it on topic already.
I do believe that humans evolved from some kind of shrew like mammal that was capable of burrowing deep enough to keep itself cool after the meteor hit (throwing tonnes of burning material into the air which then descended and burned everything left... If there was still anything after that then all the dust in the atmosphere blocking out the sunlight and killing off the ecosystem should finish it off XD).
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yeah, shrew like dinosour.
@Booradley60 It says "pubic" bone not "public" and the pubic bone is also called the "pubis" it makes up the pelvis afaik.
@giblit Yes, I know. I changed it to say pubic. The quote I copy-pasted from elsewhere spelled it public.

I would like to experience the learning process in an environment where people learned languages by sailing the globe and visiting vastly different cultures. I wonder what it was like back when the world was huge.
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hmm devon... I think you should pick up a copy of Darwin's book.
devonrevenge wrote:
seriously guys, keep it on topic already.

You derailed it with that weird ass dinosaur remark :P.

On topic though, I wouldn't want to learn anything from an ancestor. The best lessons that stick with you are learned for oneself and not from being just told. That is just my opinion though.
@Mats, what animal was our closest ancestor 64 million years ago? I don't think there were mammals then.
Whooo... Go Mats!
Send a science to the face XD
Ouch that science hurt.
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is there any particular reason why it shares a name with purgatory?
those shrew like mammals existed along side dinosaurs and survived (probably) thanks to their size and diet. We did not evolve from reptiles, avian creatures did.

If I could learn one thing from my ancestors, I'd... I really don't know O:
wait so what did the shrew mammal evolve from? fish? fish to mammal? amphibian to mammal?
Frankly I don't know. but like 5 minutes on wikipedia can give you the answers.
@Devonrevenge - You seem to make a fundamental assumption here which is not correct. Categories such mammal or amphibian are not clear cut and if you go far back along the timeline of evolution you can't say stuff like oh yeah and then fish evolved into reptiles. Evolution is messy.

Try to not see it as what type evolved into what other type. Although this might make pretty pictures in your head and on posters, it's not how evolution is. If you drew an accurate picture of evolution it would be messy with arrows linking species which evolved from others going everywhere and many creatures in-between, some of which are rather difficult to categorize.

I highly recommend you read 'On The Origin of Species' if you're really interested in this stuff. It will give you an incredible insight into the natural world.
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