If you could learn one thing from your ancestors?

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In Germany, there are 10 types of people.

After a long relationship I have good wisdom to share,

I had at least a million friendzone women go neglected thanks to my jealous ex I can tell you that you miss the friendzone, infact Im not sure if it was a friendzone they were some of my best friends, and to think I was a shit friend and neglected them.

Either way I had nightime cuddles, freefood, amazing girl insight, daytime cuddles, shopping advice, practice kisses and got to meet more women than ever thanks to their friends.

Actually having a girls opinion on anything you want without fear of rejection is just a nice thing to talk about in itself, just imagine if women were always the architects, chefs, scientists etc, I wonder how different the world and society would be.

Infact I was just dreaming about a girl I met through one of my girly friends, Devon's advice: Dont take the friend-zone for granted

There and Im not even one of your ancestors
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