Best Book on Algorithms for Beginners

I want to get started in algorithms and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. Did some little digging myself, but found no luck. Thanks in Advance

PS: Don't recommend Introduction to Algorithms. I heard its pretty complicated and wouldn't suit a beginner like myself.
If you had problem following that stuff then I'd suggest you google them or post your doubts here. We'd be glad to help you ;)

If you still want something else here are a few suggestions:

Hope that helps you!
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Duoas has been working on a very good set of articles on sorting algorithms here:
The algorithms themselves are explained quite clearly, you don't necessarily need to understand all the optimizations or pro's and cons to get started with them.

A book I found interesting which isn't specifically about algorithms is C++ Data Structures by Nell Dale, it contains explanations of the most used data structures as well as algorithms to search and sort them.

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Thanks @NwN, I will give those articles a read.

@The Illusionist mirage, wow great list. Sure to find great books there. Thanks to both of you.
Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples
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