Any Engineers?

I am currently studying Telecommunications Engineering. I am in my third year at the university (a 4 years course) and I am currently taking the CISCO and D-LINK programs. I am in love with networking but i don't really like the physical parts of telecommunications ( i mean like radio-relay, modulation and stuffs like that). I like the computer based part, and plan to specialize on networking and security for my final year project.

Well, the thing is, I am looking forward to getting a masters but I know i could use some help with that. I am fascinated by computers. I love anything having to do with computers. So I was thinking of getting a masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering (with specialization in computer engineering).

But I am unsure how someone like myself with a Telecommunications background would fare. And even more, I am most fascinated by programming. but i don't have a good knowledge of it as we didn't do much of it in the telecommunications department.

My question is, what is your advice of a Masters degree program for me and a career?
Also, could you suggest me some good schools in USA or Canada for any course you think?... (irrespective of cost)

I am 18 years old
Currently studying in Ukraine (although a foreigner, fluent in English and learning Spanish)
I plan to get a 2 years working experience in the telecommunications field before going for masters (maybe could help me work and study).
I recently started a python programming course and I plan to learn C++ and/or Java after university (during the two years of gaining working experience).

Please, this is urgent. I would be very grateful if you reply.Your reply means the world to me.
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