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@LB here is my github profile :
For me, the code doesn't make it a hard project to join. It's a hard project to project to join because lb-refactor is so much more than a refactor and the fact that master is so far behind. Because of this, it feels like a) it's not a community project, and b) features that I might want to add are going to conflict with whatever might happen next to lb-refactor. It just doesn't feel like a stable project to join.

Travis is for running a test suite, not too see if the program compiles. For example, here is the test suite for an RoR project I did:

The tests describe the way the project should operate, and I know the changes in my code are okay if all of the tests pass. In fact, I wrote the tests before I wrote the code:

1. I have an open pull request for pulling lb-refactor into master
2. You can base new features on lb-refactor, or if you don't I will resolve the merge conflicts myself
3. Are you saying that it's worse to have a small start at using travis-ci than to not even involve travis-ci at all?
LB wrote:
1. I have an open pull request for pulling lb-refactor into master
Whose responsibility is it to accept it?
Ideally, if you and thumper think it's OK and no one thinks it's not ok, then just say so in the PR comments and one of us will merge it when we've all agreed.

But you bring up a good point - who should be in charge of this project? I assumed it was you, naraku, but thumper and I have been pretty big contributors.
I too have to admit the project is hard to get into. I'm having to spend a good amount of time studying the code, taking notes as I go. I feel if the project had more documentation in general, it would be easier to get into.
Then that will be the next target goal: documentation. I'm putting this a priority ahead of client-server logic separation.

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We're currently deciding on using a new kind of resource manager and need to pick between these two:

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