31 year old begginer...too late?

I am 31 years old with a family and recently I have become obsessed with wanting to be a software developer. I am currently enrolled at a University for computer science. Writing code really excites me like I never imagined and I have a strong passion for computer science. My question is... is it too late for me to pursue this career. I feel like I am way behind but I can't help my desire to want this new career for myself. What do you think?

Not too late.

However you did not tell how much programming experience you have. And what you are going to learn.

If you have not perhaps it would be worth to take bit more exercises than University course proposes.

You see - here are different things - to learn programming and to learn programming language or other etc.

Most important thing is the eagerness to learn - depending on your potential skills it could happen that you'll be able to get employed as a junior developer in a year or two. Though surely you'll face some skepticism at first - as I had "You are not a boy and you are seeking for junior position? well-well..." :)

What kind of tasks you are currently able to write / solve? how much you dived into programming already?
I've always been extremely good with computers and learning on my own. Every job I have ever had always relied on me to keep our computers running smoothly, it has always been a bonus for my employer to hire me because of my ability to repair and maintain their computers. My first experience with programming started this past summer in college.

I completed programming I last semester so I am writing small programs in c++, I am currently taking object oriented programming now so my knowledge of c++ is expanding and my programs are getting longer, but there are a lot of things that I still need work with... mostly just need practice with algorithms and learn the rest of c++ capabilities that take time and practice. When I'm not studying for class I am on programming forums or watching tutorials online to try and learn new things. After I somewhat master c++ I want to learn as many new languages as I can.

I really love this stuff, however I just started and I have a lot of learning to do.
H-m-m... I would say - do not expect that C++ necessarily will be the language which you will use professionally, if ever. I think at some point you'll find it important to get in touch with few other languages - PHP or Java for example.

Though anyway at current point I think learning C++ will do you much good :)

About algorithms... I think you can visit several places to get practice by solving small tasks:


Though these two sites are bit too cool in general (they are about competitive programming) - you may find it possible to solve simpler problems.


Problems here tend to have significant math background however.


This is my own site - it is bit too young and small (I've started it less than month ago) - my goal is to fill it with problems for wider circle of beginner programmers.

Besides algorithmic-like tasks and language details there are several more things - specific platform APIs (for Windows or for Web etc.), programming practices (what is good and what is bad code) - however I think you'll master them by and by.

Also important point is - post your programs (not large) to forums from time to time and try to get feedback - what is bad and what is worse. It will help you to boost some specific skills :)
It is never too late.
Yeah, it's never too late to take up programming of any kind.
thanks for the encouragement guys, I am really excited about this stuff. hopefully I will be able to help others on this forum soon.
Realistically, it may be an uphill battle for you. But well far and beyond doable.

It's never too late.
I am 35 and I started programming about a year ago. Almost similar reasons as you cited.

It all depends on how much hard work you are willing to put in and are practically able to put in.

For me personally the experience has been great. Apart from learning programming I feel I have started to think logically and have developed confidence in taking day-to-day decisions as well.
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