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Anyone know of a good source of information for Hardware Interrupts?

I'm unable to find anything decent that isn't in a wiki as my college doesn't allow them.

I need to know how interrupts work in relation to event-driven architecture as I'm working on an assignment that requires me to discuss how an OS can be viewed as an event-driven application.

I know this isn't really the right place for this kind of question but there always seems to be someone who knows something about anything, or perhaps with insane google-fu skills. low-level stuff like this is out of my comfort zone...
googling "event driven interrupts" should provide you with the basic idea.

"Event driven" stuff waits for events to happen and responds to them.

An OS can be seen as waiting for interrupts to happen and responding to them.

The parallel should be evident. An OS is driven by interrupt events.
A trick I used to use in school for those teachers who didn't let us use Wikipedia is that I used Wikipedia. At the bottom of every article there is a list of references, go to the Wiki-article on the topic you want to know about then skip down to the bottom and read those references then use what you gathered from there to write your report.
Try your library's website. You should be able to access various databases of journal articles. Just do some searches there and you'll find all sorts of good information.
Thanks guys :)
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