Android on Rasberry Pi

Anyone done it? If so with what version and how?
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that doesnt make any sense... android is a mobile os, ie for mobile devices. raspberry pi is a barebones computer. the hardware specs will be different from whats needed. however, there might be an os like android [insert sugar item here] for raspberry pi
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Haven't looked to much into these but it might help.

Here looks to be a older Andriod OS for the PI

Here is some OS's you can use on the PI

And best of all here is Google
Or if you prefer Bing here you go


Best of luck
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i apologize toad i should have done research. however in my defense i thought it wouldnt work for the reasons i stated. would someone explain to me why that does work?
Because they are both arm processors.
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is that all it takes?
is that all it takes?

Pretty much, much of the software that usually runs on android probably won't work (such as the phone app).
There's also a game console (whose name has escaped me at the moment) that uses android as an OS.

Edit: OUYA, that's what it's called.
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Don't forget Nvidia Shield, Gamestick and Madcatz Mojo.
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