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Hey, I was just wondering. I have Visual C++ 2013 Ultimate RC, and I can't get Windows Forms Application(with Design Mode and all that), could someone give me the requirements or maybe an alternate way of doing that?
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What do you mean you can't get it? That is quite vague. Could you give us a idea of what it is doing?
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I can make a Win32 Project, but it doesn't give me Design Mode, just code only.
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Because a Win32 project is not a Windows Forms Application...

Though I should tell you that Windows Forms is only available in Managed C++ (IE using the .net framework). Follow this to get it working.

If you don't want to use Managed C++ you can create a MFC program by following this or look into using QT or wxWidgets.
And I have .NET framework 4.5.1 and I still can't find that template, can somebody give me a link to download it, and how to implement it?
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