I am in love with sfml.

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So Lumpkin liked SDL and 2d coding until he grew to use openGL and 3d coding. Why were some people giving him a tough time for that? When I get better at coding I might also prefer 3d over 2d. Would that make me strange or offensive to some? It is all reletive to programming, is it not? And so it is not comparing apples to orange cars. It would be like comparing drawing to painting. I could say I liked drawing with pencils until I discovered oil painting. And it makes sense.
Im trying to persuade someone on my course that SDL is not the way, he wont listen oh no, I might show him naruku's guide so that he can install it properly.
Having now used SDL 2.x, it's actually pretty good so if he wants to use it over SFML, I don't think that's too bad. Certainly it's worth knowing both. The only real caveat of SDL now is that it doesn't have automatic memory management, but I'm writing a wrapper around OpenGL while I learn it that uses RAII techniques to automatically delete objects when they go out of scope and I'm going to do the same for SDL when I'm done with OpenGL.
lol @ chrisname.

Some of you guys are too cool, you know that. You are like... I have a problem with this api but not to worry I am fixing it.

I hope I am that bad ass one day. :)
@Manga I'm practicing SFML and I think it's really good.
Has anyone used ImageMagick Magick++? If so, is it good?
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