How can i learn SFML? Please help

This may sound stupid, i know... but i'm really having a hard time learning from their website, like which category should i start with? and are these tutorials everything you need to know in order to get started? also is there a website like 'lazyfoo' that teaches SFML? i'd really appreciate it if anyone could help pointing me to the right direction.

Note: I never worked with any graphics library before, nor do i have any experience in any, so this is my first time, be nice ;)
did you want to make games? I so, there is an good book on SFML called SFML Game Development, to understand the book you need a decent understanding of C++. It's written by some of the Admins at SFML's website, and the forward was written by Laurent Gomila, the author of SFML itself.
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I would also recommend the SFML book ( if you are serious about learning SFML game development. In my opinion it is one of the best game development books for people that learn through example. Though be warned you should have a good grasp of C++ and its features before reading it.

The authors of the book are very knowledgeable of the SFML library (One of them is the created of Thor which is a popular extension people use with SFML). They also made it a point to use up to date C++11 code whenever it was possible which was refreshing to say the least. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making it.

Some subjects they will teach you about are

~ Resource Management
~ Managing the game loop and using a effective time step
~ User input
~ State Management (Loading Screens, Menus, Paused Screen, ect)
~ Simple GUI's for your games
~ Particle Systems
~ Shader Support (You also implement a simple shader)
~ Background Music and Sound Effects
~ Networking and Co-op play
~ Event handling (I love their event system in the book)

That is just to name a few broad topics. Each of them has many sub topics that they cover very well. Here is the table of contents

If you are serious about learning SFML and have a good understanding of C++ then the best resource available for learning to use it would be this book. In my opinion nothing else really comes close.

Anyways wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions on any problems you have with SFML development feel free to post them in this forum. There is plenty of users here that are experienced with SFML and would be glad to help out. And if all else fails feel free to PM me with any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer them.
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Thank you all for your answers, i'm gonna get the book you guys mentioned seems like a pretty good book since it teaches you all these subjects Zereo mentioned, Thank you so much, if anything went wrong i'll make sure to PM you ;)
SFML is pretty easy too, so no worries.
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