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I agree that there shouldn't be anything there. She's an English major, so I guess she's expecting pretty designs, but nobody in the class has experience with development, so some of the stuff I see makes me cringe.

She expects us to use for our sites. I don't like using source generators, so I made my own. It's not pretty like she wants it, but I agree that it's really stupid to try to change the way it looks.

I'll see if I can do something about the crap that she's expecting.
Oh. Well, you could just put an image of something nice there, like swirls or flowers or clouds or something that would look nice.

If you get a vertically seamless image to use, you can even set it to y-repeat down the edge of the page.

[edit] I think she wants it to look pretty. Try to do some stuff to your page to make it look as polished as possible. ;P
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Anybody know any hacks to keep the header from adjusting when the scroll bar appears? Nobody will probably notice it, but it's bothering me.
Hi there,

Just a few tips I thought I would share:

- I think the self-regulating (to a degree) aspect of this forum and it's common sense of what is done and not-done is a feature worth mentioning as you are highlighting the website as a community. The fact that everyone is allowed to report posts, as well as there being no real moderators compared to the very low level of "incidents" would seem worth mentioning in my opinion.

- If design is an issue and everyone in your class uses prefab stuff, you could always download a free wordpress or joomla template, strip out the wordpress/joomla code and just use that. There are tons of free templates, so there is bound to be one that strikes your fancy.

- You may want to think / read a little about colour psychology. People associate different colours with different emotions. It is a very big thing in marketing and interior design, so worth knowing about if you're setting up a website. Once you have decided on a good base colour, it's worth checking out some colour wheels to put together a nice palette.

All the best,
Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it's been turned in, so I can't really do any more changes.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I was able to change a lot of things that I wouldn't have on my own. is the best!
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