License for c++ tutorials

What are the c++ tutorials and documentation licensed under? Would I be able to copy them and release them? (The tutorials from this site)
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So you're trying to copy/paste someones tutorial and call it yours? Why not make your own tutorials or link to these ones?
It's generally not acceptable to take someone's work and release it as your own unless explicitly given permission to.
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if its under the gnu gpl: yes
if its under another one: idk youll have to read it. why not just write your own? they arent that hard
The very bottom of every page wrote:
©, 2000-2013 - All rights reserved - v3.1

That means that twicker owns copyright for all official content (not user posts, of course, but definitely for the tutorial), and that "all rights [are] reserved", meaning that you cannot print or publish any of it without explicit permission -- doing so would be a violation of international law and subject you to potential prosecution.

He (and others) have worked very hard on the content of this site. I don't think it very likely that he will agree to let you mirror or otherwise copy the information on this site.

Though I could be wrong about that, you'd have to ask him. Frankly, as the guy working on the site FAQ, I'm doing it for and not others.
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