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Im trying to find a site that has problems in basic set and logic theory

So mathtutor.ac.uk is normally really good for getting your maths up to uni level, but theres no set theory or logic, I need rows and rows of problems and to be able to test them to see if i got it right.

Khan academy doesnt appear to do set theory or logic either.

So glad im learning computer science though, just think, devonrevenge helping people in the help forums and being useful, I cant wait.

also if

set b={multiples of 4}
set c={multiples of 3}

then does Cc∩Bc = {17,19,22,23}

and CccBc={24}?

Just checking to see if my revision is on the right track.
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what does the 'c' mean?
@ Script Coder: 'c' is any multiple of 3, just like it says.
wait no thas not rite at all, c is supposed to be a little black line above c or b, just that I read thats a suitable replacement
Supercript C is the complement of the set, i.e. all elements that are not in that set.

So your first equation amounts to asking what numbers are neither multiples of 3 nor multiples of 4. Just considering prime numbers would make that set infinite; unless you were just trying to list examples of numbers that would be in it.
set b={multiples of 4}
set c={multiples of 3}

then does Cc∩Bc = {17,19,22,23}

I think:
Cc∩Bc = {3,4,6,8,9,12...}

(you were looking for the union here?)

and Cc∩cBc={24}?


(you were looking for the intersection here?)

Edit: Typo

2nd edit: htirwin has a good way of writing it without confusing computer screen notation.
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The compliment of the set of multiples of 4 is the set of numbers that are not multiples of 4, and ... for the .... So the intersection of the two, A compliment and B compliment, in this case, is the set of numbers with are both not multiples of 3 and not multiples of 4. i.e. where the two sets overlap. The set in this case is infinite. Like Zhuge said, the primes alone are infinite in number.

You could write it like this, { x | 3 does not divide x and 4 does not divide x } You can write does not divide using a vertical line with a slash through it.

EDIT: made some corrections. I've been stressed out lately and cannot seam to read sentences correctly or write what I mean correctly.
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Oh thats perfect good revision, I think I forgot the universal set but still thats a great help, I like that im finally studying computer science properly.
Are you self studying or studying through a uni?
If you are self studying, what resources (books, tuts, plan) are you following or using?
Im studying through uni :D they recommended loads of books and I could give you their study plan if you want it.

Im using standard foundation maths books with lots of problems for solving in for now.

For programming they want us to read how to think like a programmer, I have noticed lots of the problems are based on it, we get little challenges each week to solve like "get the little balls to bounce back again" or "sort these numbers into these configurations in this amount of time" or "copy this shape" (the trick was to realize we could do it easier with trigonomitry) that sort of thing, the class manage to keep up.

I can see the clever students are going to overtake the experienced ones like me in a few years, I envy their concentration, gonna get more ritalin from the shrink soon, I will show them.

Im doing a foundation which is a little slow for me barring maths and general study skills, however logic and set theory is an exciting new development, incidently the lecturers are using a programming language called "processing" which is quite pleasantly simple and perfect for teaching my bewildered looking classmates.

for my first year they teach java unfortunatley, I got some c++ die hards though, but they wont even go further than linked lists or templated classes and they are messier hacks than me.

But yeh im gonna know stuff like you guys and be helpful to people who want help :D yay.

EDIT: funny story one lecturer lectured us on html in a hot room and he has a profoundly boring monotone voice, I should send you a video of the class watching him...its hilarious, they all look like people who want to die.
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incidently the lecturers are using a programming language called "processing" which is quite pleasantly simple and perfect for teaching my bewildered looking classmates.

You can find some interesting sketches in Processing at http://www.openprocessing.org/
I know processing, and actually have like three books on it.

The weekly challenges sound interesting, after you have solved them, you could submit them to the forum to see all the wonderful answers you could have coded.
oh yeh good plan, its simple stuff at the mo tho.
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