hi everyone, i hope all is well. ok here is the story. i created a client-server app for me and my collegues at work, its basically a chat app. the thing is i don't want my company to host the server but unfortunately i don't have a static ip address to host my server. is there an alternative to my problem? thanking you in advance.
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You could just subscribe for a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Seems like your server won't need big hardware so you should be able to get a pretty cheap subscription ($5-10 a month).

Also, you could use Dynamic DNS to have a fixed address for your dynamic IP at home, but that would require your home server to be powered on all the time of course.

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thanks for replying NwN, sounds like a dynamic dns is the option i would be more interested in. could you elaborate on how you'd implement it?
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sorry to interupt, but that seems like an oxymoron. dynamic dns gives you a static ip?
It gives you a domain name and a program to run in your server. The program periodically dials home and sends your IP so the DNS service can update what your assigned domain name resolves to.
I use No-IP to host a private FTP and RDP server. Combined with a fat pipe (I have 350 KiB/s upstream) and a smartphone, it's almost like carrying your home computer with you at all times.
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