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So I've been spending a few hours of week to work on a really old project of mine. And it's getting closer and closer to actually being releasable.

As I thought about the release more and more... I realized my name for it sucks. So I'm making this thread in hopes of getting better name suggestions.

The project is a library for abstracting the filesystem in a way which makes reading/writing of archived (zipped) files transparent. I know there are lots of libraries out there which do this already... but the interface for all of the ones I've used have left me wanting. Plus it was fun.

The current project name is 'SFSL' -- a play on SFML, since it was originally intended to be an add-on support lib for SFML. But I've since decided against tying it to SFML directly... so not only does the name no longer fit... but it was stupid to begin with.

SO -- anyone have suggestions for better names? My requirements for acceptable names are pretty loose:

1) Name has to be easily google-able (ie: googling the name has to return little or no hits)
2) Nerdy is OK, as long as it's not over the top.
3) Nonsense words or misspellings of actual words are fine -- again as long as they're not over the top. "Rabblefrabble" is an example of being over the top.
4) Acronyms are fine.
5) Acronyms which spell out a word (or a misspelling of a word to make it googleable) are even better.
6) Bonus points for names that actually describe the lib -- but this is not strictly a requirement.


To clarify the misspellings... most misspellings are okay... but subbing 'z' for 's' or 'x' for 'ex' are unacceptable. I know that's really arbitrary but I hate things like "Bratz" and "Xtreme"
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Read and Write
R&W has +9 million hits on google. The google-ability is really the biggest thing I care about.

How about "FSAL"

FileSystem Abstraction Layer.
Lovable Archive-Reading Binary Integration Engine

"Larbie" ?
CIYARA: CIYARA Is Yet Another Recursive Acronym.

LARBIE sounds nice, though I'm not so sure about the "lovable" portion. Think about how many snarky comments you might get if someone doesn't like it.

Best way to get trolls worked up I guess.
Lovable just means able to be loved... it doesn't mean it has to be loved.
Something simple like ArchLib?
SZLib = Seamless Zip Library?

Punzip, though I'm a fan of LARBIE.
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Now the serious suggestions that I have to actually think for...


ziplib -its taken :/

Archlib sounds decent, not to common on google.
I kind of want to avoid "zip" because I don't want to be limited to just zip files. There might eventually be support for other archive formats.

'ArchLib' is alright, but kind of bland.
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what are some other names you have thought of?

on a side note, my girlfriends little brother spells "extreme" as "xstream"

oh what about "Filexstream"?
I kind of want to avoid "zip" because I don't want to be limited to just zip files.

A name doesn't limit what your library supports, you do. Besides, why cater to users who don't even read the feature list before downloading?

Additionally, a lot of people know instantly that "zip" is about lossless data compression.

There might eventually be support for other archive formats.

Might? Go with an honest name, does it currently only support ZIP? Then name it so.
libSAWRIB: LIBrary for Seamless Archive Writing and Reading Integration, and Bunnies.


i don't know if its the RIB or the bunnies but that name makes me slightly hungry
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