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libACDC - Library for Archive Compression and DeCompression.

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Bwahahaa... these are pretty good, guys. Thanks.
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i like greywolfs ;). are you going to release this libraries source?
libfish: Filesystem Helper Library. The logo could be a blowfish as a hint to the archiving functionality.

[edit] You could also call it libdischfish.
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Or you could call it ez, which would be short for ez zip. And we have another recursive algorithim!
are you going to release this libraries source?

Of course. I haven't decided on a license yet but probably under zlib's license.

Or you could call it ez, which would be short for ez zip.

Not google-able. Limits to only zip. =(

You could also call it libdischfish.

I really like the libfish idea... but I think it's already taken? googling libfish turns up several posts about "libfish.so" but I have no idea what the lib is or does.

Don't really like the idea of sticking 'Disch' directly in the name, though. A little too egocentric for me.

Though maybe a variation of the spelling? With keeping in tradition of dish->disch.... libfisch? "FIleSystem Code Helper"?
"libfisch archiver" sounds good.
Since it's an Abstraction Layer for Archives, why not:

(pronounce as "lib-uh-lark")

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I say you call it Chivebunker, and use some likeness of Archie Bunker in the logo. =P


I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I was a Meathead for posting this.
Anarchi - All you Need to Archive

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LucidCompress - 6 hits, 4 of which in Chinese
ClearCompress - 3000+ hits
EvidentCompress - 8 hits
TransparaCompress - 0 hits
TransparaZip - 0 hits
ZipCrystal - 2000+ hits
ZipClear - 3000+ hits
LucentZip - 600+ hits
LucentCompress - 400+ hits
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I dont know man... 6 hits? That might be a bit too many for the end user
Before this gets archived, I want to find out what name Disch settles on and where to access the library so I can check it out.
I haven't settled on one yet. And I'll probably make another post when the lib is done. I haven't been able to work on it much the past few weeks. =(
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libearl - Easy Archive Reading Library
libaarchive - Abstract Archive

Ha ha! I see what you did there!

I'll suggest one more if I may... Peek-A-Zip
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