hackers in the media

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I apologize for this, but this is really the only site I know of that will understand. Hackers in the media are very misconstrued and it is hurting our image... i know im nowhere near the elite, im more of an intermediate. However, i simply showed a friend how to download a file off of google drive, using team viewer. her parents freaked out because they thought i had given her a virus. anyways... i just needed to rant about how everyone assumes im doing stuff bad because of the media... i mean even on this site i posted my wumbo script and someone asked whats wumbo? will it give me a virus? /rant
Black hat and grey hat hackers are also disproportionately punished for their crimes by the government, I assume out of fear. It's common practice in the UK for a hacker to get longer sentences than someone who committed a violent assault or rape. =/
Fun fact:

Compare what you think a "hacker" is (and by now, the common definition, due to the media and hype and things) with this:
The word is used excessively and inappropriately to the extent where its original definition has now been interpreted completely differently.

People even think that knowing someone's account password is 'hacking'.
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i know. its very annoying... even my computer tech teacher thinks i write c++ code that will mess up his computer. i cant even compile it on that computer
Just waiting for the usual suspects to come in and start in about hacker and cracker and the differences :).
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