How'd Trick or Treating Go?

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Well, the title says it all...
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hasnt happened for me yet butwe live on opposite sides of the united states ;)
Ah, lol. Are you going?
Better question than the OP:

Does your community do Trick-or-Treating during the day or in the late evening?

In my area it's late evening, but in E.T. it's during the day. The reason for doing it during the day is that it is safer.
I don't know anywhere that goes in the day. It's 9:22 PM here, I went at 4:00, came at around 6 because it ended early due to badish whether. (Unfortunately common in NYS)
Don't get much in the way Halloween celebrations down in Australia.
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Good. Lots of milky ways :D. I just got back.
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slightly unrelated, but last year during spirit week our school had a nerd day that i forgot about. everyone dressed up like me... it was really weird.
Rained all day here so I was only able to take my son to mine and his mothers jobs to trick or treat.
Nobody came. We had better luck last year, in the after-Sandy blackout (where we had some bored power-less teenagers)
Well no one came to my house and we bought a lot of candy. So luckily for me I get to eat it all and didn't even have to walk anywhere. :)
Haven't even gone trick or treating for several years kind of out grew that or maybe I'm just a boring person.
I sat inside with the girlfriend and watched Scream since she'd never seen it.
Gave out candy wearing what is basically just my winter attire. Shin length black cashmir coat. Wore my scarf as a sash though. Walked with a cain. Died my hair black. Wore rose color sunglasses. I was answering the door in a character. Darius, keeper of this abode. fog machine and black lights.

edit: and this on in the background
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I went out and became drunk. I'm not sure exactly how it's related to the first statement, but now I get to spend my day cleaning vomit off of my bed. The worst of it is that our boiler is broken so I can't have a shower, but I was actually lying in it for several hours, so I really, really need one.

What's weird is that it looks like my stomach had been full, but my last meal was at 10 pm and I only got home between 5:30 and 6 am, and I woke up at 9 am so I must've been sick in that timespan. But you'd think after 8 hours the food would have left my stomach by normal means already. You'd be wrong, I guess.

Needless to say I'm going out again tonight, and again tomorrow night. I probably shouldn't drink, though :P

Also, sorry for being disgusting.

[edit] As for trick-or-treaters, we only got one group of children with their parents and we just sort of ignored them because we didn't buy anything to give out (I wanted to, but the others that I live with refused to contribute and I didn't buy it all myself because I'm on a tight budget).
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The nearest house to me must be a mile away. It's bliss. : )
You seem like you have some issues. No offense. >_>

As far as I know there aren't any children in the complex I live in, and some genius decided that adults can't be childlike every once in a while. Sooo...

@chris I guess you could use a hose or something...
Am I the only one irked when I see teenagers trick-or-treating? It's a thing for the kids -- once you reach a certain age you're not cute anymore and you're just a scummy teen looking for free stuff.

Anyway to answer OP... I live in an apartment building and don't have kids so I'm not really involved in it anymore.
I will trick or treat till I'm a senior. The problem this year was I really didn't get any candy because people in my group wanted to join in larger groups... Takes like three years to hit up one house. We planed this out before hand to get maximum profit and the guy didn't stick with the plan.


I'm not a teenager.
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We only had two visits this year - one from a friend with her 7-year-old daughter, dressed in a cute li'l devil outfit, and another from a group of slightly older girls (maybe 10 - 12 years old?) in some impressive zombie costumes/make-up.

We bought a ton of sweets to give out, so there goes my diet...
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