GTA online

With the addition of crews, I decided to make one of my own. It's just for fun and games, anyone can join. Uber-Mafia <-Copy and paste to find it.
How many people are in it?
Just what I was worried about, just 1...
On PS3?
I was going to buy GTA5 back in October, but when I got there, something just made me pass on it. I've grown tired of spending the $60 on a game so I'll wait until it goes down in price. I hope GTA online is better in 5 than it was in 4 as I played for about two or three weeks and then stopped messing with it and went to playing single player and just making the AI mad.
What happened to $30.00 games?? They used to be cheaper than this...
Actually, no, they used to way more expensive.

SNES games were upwards of 100$.

Then PS1 came along with CD media, and games dropped to 50$
PS2 games were still 50.
PS3 games went up to 60 because HD assets are more expensive to produce.
PS4 games are still 60.
Then you got royally screwed because I have been buying games since the Atari days, and they were less than $50. I bought UMK3, DKC, Mario All-Stars, and many more for SNES when they first came out for $30 or $40. I recall going to KMart to buy NES and GB games for about $25 or $30 as a kid and when they were on sale you could get them dirt cheap (bought the first Metal Gear game for less than $10 because Kmart was clearing it out).
Back when I was a kid, as GameBoy days died out, I used to be able to get large amounts of games relatively cheap.
I miss the 8 and 16 bit days for gaming.
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