Thinking of doing a personalization job on my laptop, any ideas?

So first I was thinking a Red Baron theme, red laptop with a chequered bar and an iron cross, then I thought but Im from Devon so I was thinking a Devon version of a red baron theme, wheres theres red instead of green and instead of the black iron cross maybe a silhouette of the county in a white circle.

but I also figured that I should share with you guys, your creative problem solvers after all, plus I like your style.

Also check this, what computers would look like if they were made in the 1920s :D
Devon is not exactly a nice shape for a silhouette. Why not put Devon's coat of arms there instead?

red instead of green


green instead of red XD

well I could use the Devon flag on the silhouette, its true people wouldnt know what the beautiful silhouette of Devon was...they would think it was some island
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Any one got any of their own ideas?
People wouldn't know the Devon flag either... They would probably think it's the flag of some random country they don't know. I think you have to put 'Devon' in the theme someplace.
NO! I will teach people to respect and fear the Devon flag, my people are massing and ready to take on the world, first we march on somerset and cornwall, then london and then... it will be too late for non-believers.
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