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Hell for developers.

I'm tempted by this... *facepalm*

@ OP: So it's kind of like Pokemon meets "How to Train Your Dragon"? It's not terrible and it's still generic enough to work with.

Umm. A broth is brewing of my thoughts and ideas and into the pot goes everything from this thread. I don't yet know what exactly the game will turn out to be. All I know is, it sure as hell won't be set in Devon with UFOs.
@txt Why should I let my Gandalf lose all his magic skills if I want a Legolas character? I'll just create another character then.

I used to play piano, but haven't in years. Should I be just as good at it today suddenly? But an RPG that tracks your choices and builds on your character based on those choices is a little more realistic. So if you divided your time with some archery and some magic, your character would be good at both but not as good as someone who focused soley on one thing.
Pet system isnt too hard. Pets are not too different from your enemies. You can use a boolean to decide the sides. make your chracters and pets FRIEND and make your enemies FOE then you can easily make foes attack friends and friends attack foes.
Pets are not like making enemies. It doesn't matter if enemies live or die. If your pet just dies all the time, that's annoying. You have to make the pet be able to take care of itself pretty well, but not so well that it makes the game really easy. You also have to be make sure it doesn't become a burden or that the game doesn't become impossible/extremely hard without them.

Thanks for all the ideas guys! I'm going to start on this later this week.
I think if you are going to bring it to world-scale - be sure to make it web-based and perhaps a bit of multi-userness would not hurt.

Perhaps it would not be good idea to put all users to the same map, but if each map could be entered by 2-3 users simultaneously - it can make much fun.

For moria-like games with random dungeon levels it would not be hard.
Hey Mats,
Keep us posted on your progress. I like to hear about this stuff. :)
I didnt really understand what did you say about pets :D but you can use a boolean and if your pet alive you can call it but if it is death make it unable to call and you can put it in your inventory then when you get back to town buy a healer and give life to your pet again or go and buy a new one
@ senhor:

I think what Mats was saying is...

Making a pet is easy.
Making a good pet is very difficult.

In fact most games I've played failed horribly at it. Skyrim for example... you can get hirelings/summons which will fight the bad guy for you... but I've found that more often than not they screw me up (IE: they alert the bad guys to my presence by charging in all stupid... then they get in the way of my shots).

I always tend to travel alone in any game which gives you the option of a computer controlled companion.
Hmm I get it now. You are right
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