windows 8 app for the website

I've been considering making one. But that's a lot of work for just me to use. Would anyone be interested in using it if I do?
What would be the benefits in me using the app?
It's not very hard for me to just click on Chrome, then click on my bookmark.
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I think it would be good if I had Windows 8...

I would like a iOS app :D.
Vote Android for app
I have no trouble using IE or Chrome to browse this site. I *personally don't think it is necessary.

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@Montario79 It would still be cool to have an app for it.

[offtopic]Ewww...You like IE!?[/offtopic]
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I hate IE and that's all you can use on windows rt.
Google Chrome plays up on my machine on every install, that is why I resort to IE.
I thought about making an app like that as well, except for android, but never got around to it. I felt it would be useful (for me) to quickly check for new posts to certain threads, and the posts could be formatted better (easier for me to read) then my browser does.
I say go for it, even if no one else uses it, if it helps you it's worth the effort.
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And, unless you haven't already though of this, I think that that it should have notifications for when someone replies to one of your topics or a topic that you have participated in, that is able to be turned off, because it might get annoying.
Can you make android apps in HTML5 yet? If so I'll do it in that rather than C#, make porting to android super easy
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