Halloween Costumes

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It may be a little late to ask, but what did you wear for Halloween?
I wore my cplusplus.com shirt. >_>

Black shoes and trousers not too much unlike these:


With a shirt kind of like this guy's:


I cycled 20 miles to my friend's house in the early evening, and got annoyed about the ever increasing numbers of children in various costumes crossing the road in front of me. A bike hitting you will still hurt.
I don't dress up for Halloween. The day before I celebrated getting a year older and then went back to programming and my depressing shortcomings :).
My KFC uniform :p I actually had to work on Halloween though :/
Actually, come to think of it, because of the weather (poured rain on Halloween) we never had trick or treating. They moved it to November 1st, but no one cared to get out and do it. With my son's health we don't pass candy out anymore and don't acknowledge Halloween anymore.
Sorry, I think I missed something. Is your son alright, BHXSpecter?

Sorry, not to derail the thread, but my wife has FSH muscular dystrophy. When we had my son we thought it skipped him (FSH is a 50/50 chance of getting it), but it started showing a few months after birth.

At the age of 5 he suddenly started having spells where he would stop breathing if he got upset, scared, or agitated. He did it twice that year, once at school then again the next day at his neurologist. We were told he had seizures and was put on meds.

Everything went well for about two years, then last year August 16, 2012 he stopped breathing and was life-lined to the Peyton Manning's Children Hospital where they put in a mic-key (because he wasn't gaining weight) and a tracheostomy tube in his neck. Now he stays on a laptop vent set to CPAP settings all day. I've not heard him talk for over a year now.

Last picture we have of him, during his power chair donation from Darrell Gwynn, the year before he had his trach.


Now at night, he sleeps in a hospital bed in the front room and I sleep in the recliner by him. That is why I have so much time to post here because I'm always in front of my laptop unless he or my wife needs something.

Sorry, I derailed the thread :(.
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Sorry again for derailing it, lets try to get it back on topic. Anyone else actually dress up for Halloween? I guess you could say I dressed up as a parent that has outgrown most holidays ;).
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why was that reported?
I reported myself for thread derailment as my post, while answering Albatross, had nothing to do with the topic. I know I'm odd for it, but I didn't want to delete it because it answered Albatross, but felt bad for derailing the thread.
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