What you look like

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I don't have photos of me at home, but there are a ton of me in work: http://s7.postimg.org/8sf56i1sb/mefootballjuggling.jpg


What were you doing in that tree? I ask because i used to work for a tree maintenance company.


why would you ever play in the sand when there is a place where you can pick your own blue berries nearby?!

daaayuuuum, looking fine

as for me, male - white - 6'4'' - 20. nothing to out of the ordinary
Paoletti: We just got done picking blueberries in that picture.
I'm surprised so many people answered. SGH looks a lot like a friend of mine.
Me https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/1006309_10201699605756071_373146236_n.jpg
If you want details just ask, I don't care much for privacy.
http://www.harveymackay.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/GreyWolf.jpeg :0)
I'm unable to look at tinypics pictures?
You know the starsky and hutch style funk noises? people cant help but play that in their mind as a walk by.
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I'm 12, white, skinny, ~40 kg, ~1.5m and really good lookyn :b
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I'm with DTSCode on this one :p I've had these mental images built up for some of the forum members and it's kind of weird seeing what they actually look like.

Me too.
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Wow gray wolf that pic looks like you just got up in the morning
My meager G+ profile: https://plus.google.com/101497246578572043844/
Picture's from the summer, I now have a beard and significantly more hair.
Oooo, ResidentBiscuit.... I didn't know you worked for Google.
I look like a ninja.
@Disch, how do you figure that? My G+ profile was just the most the available picture of me. I do not work for Google
ResidentBiscuit wrote:
how do you figure that? My G+ profile

You just answered your own question. ;P

(if you don't get the joke: http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/social_media_donut-590x590.jpg )
Ooh I get it now, it's not as barren there as it used to be :p Granted I just use it to follow various tech news. I think I have maybe 5 friends on there, and none of them actually use it.
@Paoletti301: That's actually just a spar pole that I was climbing.
I've finally been able to watch Disch's picture, and damn isn't he a nice hot guy.
Everyone makes me look like a troll lol.
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