What you look like

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A young eminem!
Nothing that a manly beard won't fix.
But the problem is when you shave it you'll look like a baby.
Who doesn't look like a baby when it's shaved?
LOL, did you say I look like a baby Lumpkin? And did you call me an M&M, SGH?

I am insulted. So I don't confuse some people, I am not really insulted.

Well then, show me a picture of yourself, Lumpkin.

EDIT: I am only 13 after all.
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Lumpkin wrote:
And you BHX, you look very similar to this one guy I always see walking down the street. Like... twins.

Positive it isn't me. I've lived in Indiana all my life and wouldn't go to New York on a bet.
Hey, I just moved from Indiana. I wish I could stay because all my friends are there. :(

...and wouldn't go to New York on a bet
Mind explaining why, or is it just some ignorant bias?
@ naraku9333 - It is because Indiana is awesome. ( And Lumpkin lives there. :P Not that NY isn't, but Indiana is awesomer.)
I'm referring to NYC. I don't care for big cities. I wouldn't be caught dead living in Indianapolis either. I prefer small towns like Bloomington and Anderson.
@BHX: I lived in Portage, kinda close to Gary, the NW corner.
Bah, I wouldn't want to live in NYC. They talk funny.

Superdude, if I showed a picture of me, I wouldn't look as if I'm 12 I think. I've been told I look more 14-16-ish.
This is slightly odd...

Is it just me, or are most people on this site tall and skinny (myself included)?
Seems like it. But those who aren't tall and skinny (Possibly short or fat, or both) might not want to admit it, because some people,not all, are ashamed of it.
I'm neither tall nor skinny. I'm 5'9.5" 290lbs, last I checked I was fat. Well, I guess I am tall, but I always thought that 5'9" was average as my cousin Jeremy Ramsey is over 6'.
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I'm 6'6" and 185 lbs, people say I'm tall and skinny...
Woah, you're as tall as me BHX. :D My 14 year old bro is around 6 foot or so.

I'm not tall or skinny. I'm not overweight in any shape or form though. Athletic build maybe?
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5'6", 150, look much more in shape than I am through a clever combination of regular workout and naturally low body fat (high metabolism). White, brown/brown, "beard" (picture a tree with half the leaves blown off), I shave when going out in public.

Also my Driver's License Number is AREYOU4RL and my social security is LOL-JK-ORLY

For any Identity thieves call: 1-FUC-KOF-FPLS

hehe (entirely too much fun)
I'm short (5'4") and skinny, wheat-ish complexion.

People say that despite being a 34 year old, I still look like a school going kid.
In my family, I am the taller and the skinnier.
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