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How old are the people here?
I am 12.
I'm 32.
Halfway between Lumpkin and BHX
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@Lachlan: 42?

He's 22 years old.
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Damn, some of the older members post their age. I'm starting to feel like an old man in a forum of kids.
Probably because the oldest programmers would rather just use our enemies' website, cprogramming.com ;p

They're really not our enemies.
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Careful, even though you are joking, that could be considered or end up insighting a cross site war.
That's why I put the disclaimer in the reply.
Nah. Both the people at cprogramming.com and the people at cplusplus.com know that we're superior. :P

(Just kidding, you guys at cprogramming. You're awesome too, just different.)

Wow, that was great! I am 13 for my part.

@Albatross: How old are you?
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21 here
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You shouldn't ask a woman her age.
That only applies to women IRL.
@BHX Spector, I give you company, I'm 34.
@Lumpkin did you just change your username?
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No, I made a new account.
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