CMake ignoring properties?

I'm still pretty new to cmake, but I am trying to convert a VC++2008 project into a CMakeLists.txt project:

Make sure you use a Visual Studio generator (e.g. "Visual Studio 9 2008" for VC++2008, just run cmake with no args to see a list of what your computer supports)

Have a look at lines 81 and 82:
They should cause the DLL files to be placed in e.g. MFX/Extensions/ or MFX/Data/Runtime/ and the DLL files should also (in this case) be named Template.mfx, however when I build the generated projects the DLL files are not renamed and are not in the requested directories.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
I've never been good at using CMake, but I'm not seeing anything wrong. Not sure why it is doing that, but I could be overlooking something.
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