Yo what's up

Yo what's up my peoples!?! It's me SiLentThReaD and in back in the c++ scene. I used to be one of the most notorious internet bastards known to man.
Back in the days, I created spyware and all sorts of crazy things with c++. For the past 6 years I have turned to c# for work purposes.

I'm back and ready to tear it up, and help people with problems.

Are you actually him, also why did you enter the C# and please tell you DONT! program Security Test tools using .NET stuff.

Did you come from TF or what? This is kinda crazy cuz I have never heard of you especially at least not on HF or TF. Unless you are on other forums.
Who exactly are you?

I am pretty sure he made some FireFox spyware, however I never heard of him on HF or TF.
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