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UUGGGHHHH. I'm getting sick and tired of Youtube. Now I can't reply to people I'm debating with.

Anyone know how to get through it?
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stop debating? ;) im sorry i couldnt resist. i cant say i understand because im not on youtube enough to make an account
I seriously can't go a week without a few debates. I need my fix.
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m just messing with you. i love debating too
Yeah but debating on YouTube is like that Monty Python skit:

You usually leave wondering why you ever expected an intelligent conversation.
Usually nowadays I just crush my opposition. It's fun when you get that feeling of victory.

The problem is I usually get in a convo with younger people who blindly follow their idols.
Monty Python... <3

I fully agree with Computergeek. If you need a debating fix, maybe find an at least slightly group of people (or person) which also seems to have an insatiable lust for getting into debates about various issues? Youtube arguments are typically... rather mindless and heavy on the ad hominem.

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The problem is I usually get in a convo with younger people who blindly follow their idols.

And... you... aren't ?
I don't have any idol to blindly follow. That's what separates me.
Most people (and this does not just refer to younger teens and preteens) who follow their idols think they don't do so blindly.

Lumpkin is his own idol.
^This. Not trying to make it seem like I have a huge ego or anything.
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I don't have any idol to blindly follow. That's what separates me.

A relatively obvious idol C++ or even OOP.
I didn't know a language could be your idol.

Anyway, in that case, I guess I could in-fact be blindly following C++/OOP.
I didn't know a language could be your idol.

Anything can be an idol. Idols by definition are symbolic.
the only thing i miss about the old youtube comments system is laughing at all the stupid swimming in the ocean of comments

i don't know why you would wast time arguing with other 13 year olds lumpkin, do you want to grow up to be a master debater?
Also, if you are idolizing the language, it could also be inferred that you are idolizing its creator. So to idolize C++ is to idolize Bjarne Stroustrup.

I have learned one thing, it is better to not idolize anyone. The more you idolize a person, the more you feel let down when they fail to meet your expectations.

Lastly, debating on Youtube, is like going into a kindergarten and trying to debate with them. Totally not worth it, and if you feel victory over that kind of idiocy and 'glorious absence of sophistication', it makes you look bad to others.
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BHXSpecter, I find that logic kinda off. For instance, the Nazis developed medical techniques from rather immoral experiments on concentration camp victims... yet we still use some of those techniques today. Just because we appreciate one of the techniques doesn't mean we appreciated the creator so much or the method it came about.

I'm also on the fence on your second comment but can't quite place into words my own opinion.

I personally like the new comment system. The previous one was organized by time and top comments weren't always the best. The new system organizes by various attributes of each comment to hopefully bring more quality comments aboard. Sadly, some comments might be "lowered" in the list by biased groups, somewhat losing the point of "keeping relevancy" as I see various people saying...
@BHXSpecter: I have two idols in life, Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein. I found out quite a bit about their lives and not only were they incredible mathematicians and physicists; they were also exemplary human beings. Given that they are both dead, I find it unlikely they will let me down at a later date.
@Mats: If you like those two then have you heard of Nikola Tesla?
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