this is an url example : (it is only an example for specification and clarification)

in this url , the method used to submit data is get . After the question mark , there is one parameter . In this parameter , there is a variable called "p" and a value called " computers". If you change the value of p , like for example cars or horses or food instead of computers , the value will be processed in the search file and the server will give you back the data according to the value you submit through the query string in the url. But when I change the **variable p** to any other word like for example c file or page and try to submit again the value
like that :

the server fails to give me back the specified request and instead it turn me back to the search page , some other websites give me an error , in other websites the page stayed the same and does not change

so my questions are : why , generally, when we change the variable , in some cases and in some other websites , the page does not change???????

why when we change the variable , in some cases , give an error ???????

why when we change the variable , in some cases like our example , it takes us to search page ???????

I need answers to these questions , one by one and with some explanation please
Short answer: it's the developers that decide what happens.
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