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Haven't seen one of this in a while, so.

What is your favorite IDE for C++

Mine is Eclipse with CDT installed + Sublime 3 when I only need to edit(altought its not an IDE)

EDIT: Don't forget to say why!
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visual C++ & codeBlocks
codeblocks -> the code completion feature is my favorite !!!
Visual Studio in Windows, QtCreator everywhere else.
vim (and makefiles)
I'm starting to believe. Some of the plugins are just fantastic.
MSVS2010+ and eclipse derivations.
shadow fiend wrote:
codeblocks -> the code completion feature is my favorite !!!

Really?! Try one of this:

Eclipse CDT

and you'll see what auto-complete is. Code::Blocks auto-complete is the crappiest one there is.
well not really my favorite, honestly i've only used very few ide's and so far code::blocks seems to be the fastest and easiest to use and for me is just right for a student ( since my pc is crap and i don't like to waste my bandwidth downloading a 600MB iso )
Then use QtCreator or Eclipse CDT. They are 1000x better!!
NetBeans. LOVE IT.

I like that you can modify the compiler commands more directly too... really nice.
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I personally use QtCreator. The Qt development tools and inclusion of signals/slots in code completion are quite nice, it's quite lightweight, its UI is simple and intuitive, and it has a nice extensible architecture.

I'm kind of irregular when it comes to IDE's for a while I was a QtCreator fanboy than i switched to Eclipse and now I use sublime ( I know it's not an IDE ). Honestly I'm thinking of switching back to Qt because I use a netbook and Eclipse is too heavy.
For C++ I bounce around Code::Blocks, Qt Creator, Sublime 2, and Geany. For editors I use emacs, nano, and vim. Just mainly depends on what time of day it is and where I am as to which one I use.

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I'm pretty sure all REAL programmers have an emacs command for that, which gets used slightly less often than C-x M-c M-butterfly. :P

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How heavy is QT creator? I actually think I might switch to it so that I can build GUIs!!!

Also, how easy is it to build GUIs with QT creator? I have never been able to successfully get a GUI library up and running... Is QT creator going to be easy to understand?
Qt Creator is what I'd call a medium-weight IDE. It's really not that heavy at all, but it's not super-light either.

It's really not that difficult to design GUIs in it. The graphical GUI editor can take care of most of the code generation for you, but there's always the option to dive in and chance things yourself in a subclass from the generated code that it provides.

And yes, it's pretty easy to understand, but more advanced options are there if you want to play with them.

Do I have to re-install my compiler/change my compiler? I have minGW and Boost set up quite nicely and I don't want to change that...

Will QT make me change my compiler in any way?
No, it will use the one you already have.
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